EA’s Game Time allows gamers to try select games for free

Hot on the heels of the Steam Summer Sale, Electronic Arts announced some pretty neat news of its own: the company has launched a programme called Origin Game Time where gamers get to play select games for 48 hours, completely free of charge. It’s similar to Steam’s Free Weekends, where games are made available for free for a limited time.

The difference is, EA’s programme lets gamers play games for a total of 48 hours, rather than between a Friday and Sunday. A Game Time clock starts counting down the second a free game is launched, and continues counting down as long as the game is open, whether it’s paused or not.

That’s actually a better system than Steam’s approach of giving gamers a brief window in which to play, as opposed to 48 hours of actual Game Time that could arguably be spread out over a much longer period.

The announcement came via EA’s Origin PC game client and website, and the programme kicks off with free 48-hour access to Titanfall. That’s not great news to South Africans who can’t get the game from Origin unless they game the system with a spoofed non-South African IP address, but it’s good news in general as Titanfall won’t be the only game made available via the programme.

Game Time games will appear in the Free Games tab on the Origin client when they become available, and Polygon has reported that the amount of time each game will be free for will vary per title, which makes sense as many games don’t offer 48 hours of entertainment.

Any progress made in Game Time games will carry over if gamers decide to buy them, too, so there’s plenty of incentive to participate. This is refreshing news from a company that’s clearly trying hard to undo the reputation for evil it has picked up over the years.

If you don’t already have an Origin account or the client, head over to EA’s Origin website now and sign up.

[Source – Origin, Polygon. Image – Origin]


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