Entrepreneur Barbie wants to inspire girls to be the next CEO

The image of the world’s most popular doll, Barbie, has evolved over the years. From being stereotyped into everyday societal roles, to being a little something of everything  – a scientist, sports woman, doctor, astronaut and politician – Barbie sure has changed.

Mattel has just debuted Entrepreneur Barbie, a doll specifically created to celebrate businesswomen, and introduce the concept of entrepreneurship to young girls.

Entrepreneur Barbie comes in four different races: Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic and Asian. She also looks the part, wearing a one-piece formal midi dress and carries a tablet, smartphone and work bag.

Photographer Jeff O'Brien Stylist Jennifer Shaw

A campaign has also been set up around the launch of Entrepreneur Barbie – eight US women entrepreneurs from different sectors (including tech) have been profiled on Mattel’s website as Entrepreneur Barbie’s chief inspiration officers (CIOs). They’re there to start a conversation around entrepreneurship, helping the next generation of women come to the realisation that they too can be entrepreneurs.ND_Details_Entrepreneur_Collage_v2_tcm718-112155

Want more? Parents can also download the “What’s an Entrepreneur” flashcards to help engage their daughters and teach them all about which type of business could be suitable for them.

A Pink Power Lunch Twitter chat was hosted recently with @Barbie and her CIOs, where women and girls got the chance to be inspired by women who are breaking glass ceilings.

Entrepreneur Barbie officially went on sale on the Mattel and Amazon stores starting yesterday. Debates over whether or not Barbie is realistic and a good role model for young girls have been going on for many years but I think it’s great to see Mattel moving away from the stereotypes, and doing a bit more to inspire young girls to pursue careers and roles in male-dominated spheres.

Click on the gallery below to see photos of the different versions of Entrepreneur Barbie:

[Source – Wired, Images – Barbie]


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