Hide your wallet, the Steam Summer Sale is here

Oh yes, it’s that time of year when everyone’s favourite PC game storefront goes crazy with the specials.

The annual Steam Summer Sale is on now until the end of the month, bringing with it lower-than-usual prices and specials that change every few hours.

The first day of sales has brought us some choice titles like The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition for just $3.99 (about 44 bucks) and Far Cry 3 for $7.49 (around R80), but the one I’m happiest about is the PC version of Dead Rising 3, which went on pre-order for $37.49 (R402). It’s only out in “Summer 2014” but that’s right around the corner.

Valve likes to do different things with each sale to encourage gamers to participate, and this summer sale has a mini-game called “Summer Adventure”. In it, gamers sign up to join different-coloured teams, and each team’s activities are tracked and points allocated to determine who is in the lead. Points are awarded for buying games and unlocking Steam trading cards, which unlock with every $10 spent, and the team that’s in the lead at the end of each day has 30 of its members rewarded with three games from their wishlists.

As always, there are flash sales that change every eight hours to go along with the main crop of 24-hour specials, and Community Choice packs that gamers get to vote on.

So prepare your wallets, fellow gamers, and try not to feel guilty at your already-huge backlog that’s about to get just a little bigger.

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