How to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup online

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The 2014 FIFA World Cup is just hours away from kick off and unlike four years ago, we South Africans won’t just be able to go to fan parks and stadiums to get our fix of football history in the making. Not to worry, the internet has you covered for all of your football watching needs.

Here are three of the best ways to get your World Cup on(line):

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1 – SuperSport

For many South Africans SuperSport will be synonymous with major sporting events, this time however, if you’re a DStv Premium subscriber then you don’t have to be tethered to your decoder to watch all of the games. SuperSport will be streaming all of the games live through its website as well as on both its iOS and Android apps. To access the stream you’ll have to use your DStv Connect credentials to log into to any of the three platforms but from there you’ll be able to watch the games live, watch highlights of previous matches as well as check in on real-time stats and text based commentary.

The SuperSport app is free to download from the iTunes App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android.


2 – UnoTelly

UnoTelly will be instantly familiar to those who have investigated getting Netflix, Hulu and similar geographically-restricted streaming services to work in South Africa. Basically UnoTelly helps you fool the internet into thinking you’re in a different country where the service that you’re trying to access is available, like the US or the UK for Netflix. For the World Cup UnoTelly is offering a 40 day free trial of its service which will allow you to access a host of free streaming services in the rest of the world that will be showing all of the games live.

You can sign up for UnoTelly’s free trial here. Find out how to set up all of your gadgets to use the UnoTelly DNS servers here.

Wiziwig_logo3 – is a new discovery here at but it’s one that we’re extremely excited about. The basic premise is that no matter what the sport is, and no matter where in the world it is being broadcast from, there will be a free streaming service carrying the pictures across the internet. Wiziwig is a directory of a large number of these services and let’s you click through directly to the stream of your choice to start watching. For the World Cup, Wiziwig has created a special section of its website devoted to the tournament where you can find live streams of all of the games. Streams are populated for each game an hour before the scheduled kick off which should give you more than enough time to be ready. The only downsides are the copious amounts of advertising that these free streams have on their sites with as many as 6 pop-ups clogging the screen before you can get to the actual video. is available here without any subscriptions.

[Images – SuperSport,, UnoTelly, Shutterstock]

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