Load shedding in Cape Town: an interactive map of where and when

Like a lot of folks who want to prepare themselves fro the looming power cuts, Google developer and Cape Town resident Johann du Toit headed over to his local municipality’s site to look up load shedding schedules. And like a lot of folks who do that he discovered that finding the information he wanted was… not easy. So to help those who follow in his footsteps, he’s built an interactive map fellow Capetonians so that they can look up affected areas and times and figure out what localised warnings mean for them.

The map is pretty easy to use, residents can select the day and stage they want to look up and hover over the time to see which areas will be impacted areas. Or they can leave the app running to see the areas change during the day, as it automatically updates itself.

Screenshot (30)

To make the map even more accessible, Du Toit says he is looking at making the map available on mobile phones. What would really be awesome, is seeing it make it’s way across the country, especially to Johannesburg where load shedding is already in full gear in some areas, leaving many residents and businesses very frustrated and left out in the cold.

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