[WATCH] The big news from Sony’s E3 presser

Sony’s almost three-hour-long E3 conference was jam-packed with unexpected, titillating and downright exciting info on games coming out in the next little while. While it’s unclear at this point how all of this will affect South African PlayStation enthusiasts, I’d hazard a guess and say it’s only the bandwidth-intensive and content-distribution services Sony talked about that we’ll either not get at all, or if we do only much later than the rest of the world. I am sure the games shown off will arrive on SA shores.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

A white PlayStation 4 will make its début alongside Destiny in a bundle deal that will kick off alongside the game in September. It’s looking pretty good, but it’s just a different colour to the ones we already have. But then you know how people are with that sort of thing. Also, Destiny itself ain’t looking too bad:

Sony’s game-streaming service, PlayStation Now, finally has a launch date: July 31 in Canada and the US on PS4. It will head over to the PS3 and Vita shortly thereafter, apparently. Until South Africa gets cheaper, faster and more reliable internet, don’t expect any PlayStation Now goodness to head our way, officially.

Tons of games are set to hit PS Vita as part of the Now beta. The list includes Tales of Hearts R, Child of Light, Tales From The Borderlands, Minecraft, Dead Space 3, God of War: Ascension, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus and Ultra Street Fighter IV. Sony also said that PlayStation Now would be available through certain Sony TVs later this year, which will work with Dual Shock 3 controllers.

InFAMOUS: Second Son is getting its very own standalone DLC. That means you won’t need the base game to buy and play it and you’ll get a taste of the full game at a fraction of the price.

A new LittleBigPlanet is coming to the PS4. The original LBP was a smash hit on the PS3 as it was not only a brilliant platformer, but it allowed people to make their own levels, which of course kicked off a flurry of the most lewd platforming action ever conceived. Perhaps this one will lead to better user-made levels, but expect to see occasional genitalia just in case, because people.

From Software, the guys behind the Souls series of incredibly-tough melee combat games (Dark, Demon’s), are bringing a brand-new IP called Bloodborne to the PS4. While no actual in-game footage was shown, the three-minute trailer showed off just what you’d expect of a game by From Software: a dark, brooding, oppressive world full of violence. Lovely.

Far Cry 4 got a little Sony love, and is looking amazing. More importantly, it has drop-in co-op that doesn’t require your co-op partner to actually own the game. Now that’s a great way to market your stuff and get the word out without actually doing a whole lot.

Dead Island 2 is on its way, and while all Sony showed was a cinematic trailer, I’m still pretty psyched about it. It showed a bitten runner jogging down what looks like a Californian beachfront, with all hell breaking loose behind him. He slowly succumbs to his wound, turning gradually into a flesh-eating zombie that joins the rest of the horde in their quest for living flesh. Fun times ahead, it seems.

The Last of Us is not only coming to the PlayStation 4 this year, but it’s also going to have its own themed dungeon when Diablo III’s Ultimate Evil Edition comes out in August that’ll be populated with clickers, bloaters and other shambling monstrosities from its universe.

In the most unexpected announcement, like, ever (at least to me), Sony’s Adam Boyes said that Tim Schafer and the guys over at Double Fine are REMASTERING GRIM FANDANGO EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE PLAYSTATION 3 AND 4! And all the old-school gamers in the audience promptly had a fit from sheer excitement – Grim Fandango came out in the late 90s to much acclaim, but has not been released to sites that sell old games and has remained hard-to-get. Until now.

Sony also talked a bit about the alternate-past third person shooter The Order: 1886, but it’s better to show you what they were on about than write about it.

Grand Theft Auto was officially confirmed as coming to the PlayStation 4 “this fall”, so around our September/October. And boy is it looking good.

Sony ended off their show with the news that the next Uncharted game is coming in 2015, and that it’ll be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Oh yes.

All told there has been a lot of good news from the Sony camp that has made the next-gen future look really bright indeed, at least from where I’m standing.


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