You can now unsend messages on WeChat

Few things are as embarrassing as accidentally sending a message via IM to the wrong person, or sending something you wish you could take back. WeChat has extended a helping hand by adding the ability to recall sent messages to its iOS app.

If you happen to have typed a message and want to recall it, all you have to do is tap and hold it for a few seconds, click “unsend” on the options tray and the message will disappear. The only catch is that you can only recall messages you have sent within the last two minutes, so you’ll have to be quick about it and (of course) there’s no guarantee that the recipient may or may not have already seen the message.

The recall feature is not yet available for Android, but you can probably expect it in the next few weeks as most WeChat features that debut on iOS, such as message translation, don’t take too long to arrive on Google’s mobile OS.

Download or update WeChat from the iTunes App Store.

[Image – WeChat]


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