Destiny beta lasts longer on PlayStation

Destiny, the highly-anticipated first-person MMO shoot-and-looter I helped alpha test last month is about to have a big beta test starting on the 17th of July. But not everyone gets to play it for the same amount of time due to developer Bungie’s exclusivity agreement with Sony.

The developer announced the beta dates yesterday on, and while it starts on the 17th of July for PlayStation gamers, Xbox gamers will only get to try the beta between the 23rd and 26th of July. That’s only four days compared to the nine days PlayStation gamers will get; the servers will be downed between the 21st and 22nd for maintenance.

The full schedule is thus:

Take that, Xboxers.

Bungie is encouraging all beta testers to log in on the 26th by offering them an “exclusive emblem” as a reward. The 26th is presumably the day they want to stress-test the entire system as much as possible.

The announcement prompted Xbox gamers to take to social media and internet forums to express their annoyance at the whole thing, with many lamenting the perception that just three days isn’t enough time to download and properly test the game. also mentioned two DLC packs for the game that will come out for both platforms after launch, which will contain additional exclusive content for PlayStation owners until at least “Fall 2015” (so our spring next year). Xbox owners haven’t taken this news well, either, as to them it would appear that PlayStation Destiny players get more, for the same money.

This isn’t particularly bad news for local gamers, though, as we don’t yet have the Xbox One and it’s actually good news for PlayStation fans looking forward to the game. Of course, since Destiny is such a highly-anticipated title, the news of just how exclusive it will be of Xbox gamers is going to fuel the Sony vs. Microsoft flame war that happens on every internet forum ever whenever the two platforms are discussed.

If you’re interested in taking part in the beta, you’ll need to pre-order the game at a participating retailer like BTGames.

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