Get ready for more free PS3 games on PSN

If you were on Sony’s PlayStation Network in 2011, you more than likely remember the fiasco that ensued after hacker group Anonymous ripped through the online service, compromising usernames, passwords and credit card details.

It took some a good number of days to sort out the mess, and urged gamers to change their passwords immediately. As a reward for taking steps to increase security with new passwords and as way to say sorry for their snafu, Sony gave players some free games – but only if you acted within a certain time frame.

After numerous court filings and lawsuits, Sony announced that they have come to a $15 million agreement that those affected by the security breach who didn’t change their passwords in time, will be getting a bunch of free games.

“Claimants who didn’t participate in the original ‘Welcome Back’ program will be offered one of 14 PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable games and three PS3 themes, or a three-month subscription to PlayStation Plus,” Engadget explained.

Since usernames and passwords were stolen during the online heist, if you can genuinely prove that your identity has been compromised, you might be in for a bit of luck. As part of the settlement Sony has agreed to pay out up to $2 500 per claim, and if you were a user of Qricity you will get a month of Music Unlimited service.

By the off-chance that you lost time in the virtual worlds of MMO titles, you can stand in line to get $4.50 credit to your SOE account.

You can read the full court settlement here.

[Source – Engadget, Image – Sony]


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