Get up to 30% off on PC gaming peripherals in July

Do you have mucky old keyboards and mice lying around the house? Maybe an old headset you no longer use? If you do, July is your lucky month: you can trade in any of your old PC gaming peripherals in exchange for discounts on brand-new SteelSeries mice, keyboards and headsets, even if your stuff is broken.

That’s the word we received by press release this morning. It’s called the SteelSeries Step Up programme, and gamers will get 10% off the purchase of a SteelSeries peripheral if they trade in their old broken stuff, and 30% off for working mice, keyboards and headsets.

The programme runs from the 1st to the 31st of July, 2014.

Trade-ins can be made at the following shops:

If you’re wondering why anyone would want your old junk peripherals, it’s because they can be used by charities and schools that don’t typically have access to that sort of thing. Megarom (the local SteelSeries supplier) will take care of getting your old goods into the right hands, and also ensure that all broken mice, keyboards and headsets are responsibly recycled. It’s really an all-round win.

Not coincidentally, the programme will also encourage gamers to take a closer look at everything SteelSeries has to offer, which as it turns out is quite a lot. They have gaming peripherals that run the gamut from specially-designed mice to high-quality surround sound headsets to keyboards made specifically for games, so there’s something for everyone. And a 30% discount is quite a lot of motivation.

Want to see what sort of goods SteelSeries offers? Check out their website here.


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