New local game lets you wake sleeping MPs with a good “klap”

How many times have you looked at or heard members of parliament (MPs) and wished you could give them a good slap? Well, here’s your chance: a new locally-developed Android game called Fix SA has been created that lets you earn points by waking sleeping MPs with a hard “klap” (slap).

Fix SA was created by TouchFire Creations with the aim of stopping “the nonsense that goes on in our beautiful country” and (as the name suggests) fixing South Africa. The developers say it’s inspired by much of the craziness that happens in South Africa that we see in the news every day.

Fix SA is actually meant to consist of various smaller mini-games, and the first of these is the MP-klapping one.

Basically, you have to klap MPs with a swipe of your finger once they fall sleep in parliament, waking up as many as possible before the “attention meter” runs out. If you’ve played “Whack-a-Mole” before, you’ll know exactly what’s expected of you.


You’re not allowed to klap female MPs, though, you can only tap lightly on their faces; if you accidentally slap one, you lose and have to start again. Once you’ve racked up a high score, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp and challenge friends to do better.



Sound like something you’d like to do? Download Fix SA from the Google Play Store – it’s completely free.

[Images – Google Play Store]


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