Soccer, cricket and more – 5 top sports apps for Windows 8.1

The digital age has made it easier than ever to take part in sport, even if it’s just from your armchair. The Windows Store has a bunch of sports-themed apps that keep you in the sporting loop right from the comfort of your Windows 8.1 PC or tablet, and they’re all free.

ESPN Cricinfo


Price: Free

This is by far the best app for cricket fans: it not only gives you a list of all the fixtures taking place on the day and in the near future, it provides a ball-by-ball account of any live games (a great way of following matches at work) as well as scorecards, commentary for every ball bowled so far and news feeds relating to the games. The name says it all – this is information all about cricket games, and it’s well worth the free download.

Rating: 5 Stars

[symple_column size=”one_half”] [symple_box] “One of the best ways to keep track of live cricket[/symple_box] [/symple_column][symple_box] Download it from the Windows Store[/symple_box]


Price: Free

Supersport’s companion app offers the avid sports fan a way to keep track of all major sporting events with a combination of news, videos, event details and scores all gathered together in one place. It has sections for soccer, rugby, cricket, golf, F1 racing and tennis, and lists all live games for each as well as any relevant scores, recent news articles and videos. It’s nicely laid out and easy to navigate using a finger or a mouse; perfect for armchair sports enthusiasts.

Rating: 4 Stars

[symple_column size=”one_half”] [symple_box] “All kinds of sports info and news, at your fingertips[/symple_box] [/symple_column][symple_box] Download it from the Windows Store[/symple_box]

Orlando Pirates Team News


Price: Free

This simple app gathers up all of the latest news on the Orlando Pirates, and presents it in an easy-to-navigate format. Simply scroll through the news, click on the article you’re interested in and it will load in Windows 8.1’s full-screen browser for easy reading on both tablets and PCs running Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Rating: 3 Stars

[symple_column size=”one_half”] [symple_box] “Stay abreast of all things Pirates[/symple_box] [/symple_column][symple_box] Download it from the Windows Store[/symple_box]

Bing Sport


Price: Free

This is the all-rounder in the line-up, with a bit of everything to suit every type of sport fan. Bing Sport offers a curated list of sports-related articles from a wide variety of sources as well as the option to add your favourite teams to its roster, allowing you to easily track all news relating to them at the press of just one button. It aggregates results, news stories, opinion pieces and more from the world of international sport, customised to your personal preferences.

Rating: 5 Stars

[symple_column size=”one_half”] [symple_box] “A sport to suit every fan. Just Bing it.[/symple_box] [/symple_column][symple_box] Download it from the Windows Store[/symple_box]

Tile LiveScore


Price: Free

Fans of the European football will love this app: it keeps track of all major European league games and teams, and when one is being played it will display a GOAL! notification that appears in the top right corner of your screen any time a player scores. It features a full player breakdown of each team, team rankings within their respective leagues, the score lines of each game and who got carded and when. It doesn’t, as the name suggests, display game scores in the Live tile on the Windows 8.1 Start Screen however.

Rating: 4 Stars

[symple_column size=”one_half”] [symple_box] “Follow teams in the European football league[/symple_box] [/symple_column][symple_box] Download it from the Windows Store[/symple_box]


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