Use face-recognition tech to keep an eye on your feline’s health

We all love our cats, and would probably do anything for them. But sometimes we aren’t home to monitor their well-being, and if they are sick it might be too late until we get home. This is where Bistro comes in – a cat feeding station that uses high-tech sensors to make sure that everything is perfect with Fuzzball.

When your cat approaches the feeding station, it uses facial recognition to identify which member of the feline family it is, and starts recording their specific data.

“When your cat comes and steps on Bistro, the built-in camera and cat-facial recognition software will kick in and distinguish which cat it is. The algorithm is based on years of research and development of deep learning technology,” 42Ark, the company behind Bistro explains on their website.

But that isn’t the only magic. In order to feed, they need to stand on a scale (which they won’t even notice), and since cats don’t eat when they are sick it is the perfect way to keep track of their health and well-being.

“After the cat leaves, the weight sensors beneath feeding tray, waterer and the weighing scale will automatically calculate the amount of food and water your cat takes as well as their weight. This data is then immediately sent through our cloud service to your smartphone, where you can easily review your cat’s diet history and health report with the Bistro App,” they said.

Through the app you can see a profile for each of your cats, track your cat’s daily, weekly or monthly diet history, get notification of abnormal intake, or even watch your cats feed in real-time.

We think that it is an ingenious idea, and it’s pretty cool that you can watch your cat while it feeds, even if it’s a bit voyeuristic. But then again, we would do absolutely do anything to keep our loyal furry friends healthy and happy.

Have a look at Bistro in action below:

[Source, Image – Bistro]


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