[WATCH] Real-life, shot-for-shot remake of the GTA V trailer

I totally get people who love games, because I love games. These guys, though, are on another level entirely: a group calling themselves Zapruder Pictures have completely re-created the Grand Theft Auto V trailer in real-life, shot-for-shot, using Madrid, Spain as the backdrop. And it’s really, really well done, complete with the actual trailer in a box in the corner of the video, showing how the two compare.

This isn’t the first fan film Zapruder Films have made using games as an inspiration, their YouTube channel has other real-life remakes on it. They’ve done Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty and Max Payne and also uploaded cool ” Behind-the-scenes” videos showing how they did it all. Take a few minutes and have a look, those videos deserve far more hits than what they’ve received.

Of course, Grand Theft Auto V is a natural fit for these guys given their affinity for Rockstar’s games, plus it doesn’t hurt that the title is the biggest game of the last ten months and has a built-in following that will love and share the video they made.

GTA V gets a PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release “this fall” (our spring), which is right around the corner. No wonder Rockstar called the Zapruder fan film “Awesome!” on their Twitter account – every bit of exposure helps, even for a franchise that has to date sold over 35 million copies and counting.

[Source – Twitter]


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