Department of Arts and Culture’s #WearADoek campaign receives mixed reactions

The Department of Arts and Culture today launched the #WearADoek campaign, calling on South African women to show their solidarity and support for Women’s Month by wearing a “doek” (head scarf) every Friday and to take a selfie of themselves wearing their doek. However, the campaign has received mixed reactions with some women joining in and others expressing their disapproval.

Doeks are worn by African women for various reasons: as part of culture, as a fashion accessory or to protect their hair. It’s a common feature among millions of women across the continent, which is probably the reason why the Department of Arts and Culture decided on the #WearADoek campaign because it some see it as a symbol of womanhood in the African context.

Many people both for and against the idea have taken to Twitter to share their opinions on the campaign. Here are a few reactions:

The department has remained quiet on the negative feedback and continues to promote the campaign on its timeline, retweeting selfies from women supporting it.
What do you think? Is the #WearADoek campaign a good thing, and will you be participating?
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