Far Cry 4 will be psychedelic, man

Apparently Far Cry 3’s trippy drug-induced sequences were a big hit, so Ubisoft is putting something similar in Far Cry 4. But these will be even trippier, because more is always more.

Missions set inside the spiritual world of Shangri-la, a place where you’ll fight alongside a mythical spirit tiger against masked enemies for reasons unknown. It seems to encourage the use of a bow that shoots explosive-tipped arrows that erupt into clouds of coloured smoke, and of course shooting those masked enemies right in the head.

Fan of the (upgraded) bow and arrow in Far Cry 3 have a lot to look forward to. Me, I stuck with my trust SMG most of the time but I totally understand the value of silent headshots, and look forward to giving FC4’s bow and arrow a go.

Ubisoft made a new video that’s almost three minutes long showing off the dream-like Shangri-la as well as other aspects of the gorgeous open world of Kyrat. In it you’ll see more of the game’s varied flora and fauna, the use of explosives to take out enemies as well as brand-new things like avalanches that you’ll need to use a wingsuit to escape or dodge. There’s also a brief snippet of charging into battle on the back of an elephant, which just looks awesome.

But enough blabber, here’s the video:

[Source – Destructoid]



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