Swing Copters is the next Flappy Bird

Dong Nguyen, the creator of the original Flappy Bird has made a new game and it’s coming out on the 21st of August, says Touch Arcade. It’ll be free to download and play, with just a single in-app purchase (R11 or so) that removes all ads.

It’s called Swing Copters, and it’s a brand-new take on the screen-tapping mechanic of the infuriatingly difficult Flappy Bird, except this time your goal is not to pass through gaps in pipes, but to go up as high as you can while avoiding swinging hammers attached to platforms by timing your  screen taps just right.

Those who loved the titular Flappy Bird avatar may be disappointed to know he doesn’t make a return. Instead, you control a little guy with a propeller hat. Presumably Flappy Propeller Hat Guy didn’t have the same ring to it.

But just like Nguyen’s first game, Swing Copters aims to inspire that “Just one more try!” feeling that had people downloading Flappy Bird by the millions back in 2013, and looking at the video that Touch Arcade posted and reading the writer’s commentary, it appears Nguyen has nailed it yet again: this is one tough game.

Nguyen actually pulled Flappy Bird from all app stores last year for being “too addictive”, an odd thing to do considering that’s what games are meant to be and it was generating something like $50 000 a day for the guy in ad revenue. I struggle to understand saying no to a huge pile of cash that isn’t being offered with a nudge and a wink by a drug lord, but that’s just me.

Watch for it this Thursday.

[Source – Touch Arcade]


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