The PlayStation Network is down again

The PlayStation Network is apparently down again as of this writing, after only just recovering from an outage over the weekend brought on by a hacker affiliated with the Anonymous hacker collective calling himself “Fame” (@FamedGod).

Sony’s official Twitter account says they’re aware of the problem, and says there have been 465 reports of issues logging in (64%) and online gaming (36%) as of 4pm today.

GameZone says this could be the work of Lizard Squad, but it could also be that they are once again taking credit for someone else’s work. The Twitter account associated with the hacker group has posted a somewhat cryptic Tweet that hints that they’ve had a hand in this possible outage:

The answer, in case you’re wondering, is “packets”, implying they’re the ones DDoSing Sony’s servers. A denial of service attack is really nothing more than flooding a particular server or domain with so much web traffic – data packets – that it becomes overloaded and stops working. It’s not a particularly elegant trick or much of a hack, but it’s an effective weapon in a cyber criminal’s toolkit that can take a targeted domain entirely offline until technicians can sort the issue out.

Fame’s Twitter account hasn’t been updated since the 24th of August as of this writing, so if this is his handiwork he’s not claiming it as yet.

Since Sony is aware of the problem and technicians are working on resolving the issue (and they have plenty of experience dealing with it if it is indeed a DDoS attack), this outage hopefully won’t last for long.

[Source – GameZone]


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