Uber’s plans for world transport domination

Transportation app Uber is spreading across the world at a rapid pace having now launched in 43 countries and well over 100 cities in its rapid expansion plans. The latest rumour about the company’s plans to further grow its market share could see Uber become a dominant force in the transportation scene the world over.

According to Josh Constine at TechCrunch, Uber is busy working on an API that will allow almost anyone to be able to integrate a “Request A Ride” button into other applications. Since Uber only makes money when people are utilising its fleet of drivers expanding the platform to allow drivers to be requested from within other applications would be one of the easiest ways for Uber to get more ride requests.

In May this year, Google updated its wildly popular Google Maps app to include Uber as an additional transportation option which, if selected, would launch the Uber app and allow users to request a ride to the preloaded destination instead of having to figure out the logistics of getting there using other options like public transport or walking. Unfortunately, although both services are freely available in South Africa, the feature that ties the two together isn’t available here yet.

Goolge Maps and Uber

Rumour is already abound that Facebook Messenger could be one of the next platforms to the “Request a Ride” button so requesting a driver could become as easy as sending a message to your grandmother in Australia.

Integrating these kinds of “Request a Ride” buttons could be the catalyst for Uber to become a kind of impulse purchase that could see the company’s revenue soar in markets where pedestrian traffic and public transportation congestion are high and people look for alternative, quicker transportation at a small premium.

According to Constine’s article “multiple sources close to (Uber CEO) Travis Kalanick’s company say a new way for third-party apps to integrate Uber is coming in the next month, though they didn’t have more details on exactly how it will work.” which could mean that we see something like the Google Maps integration rolled out quickly around the world.

[Source – TechCrunch, Image – Uber]


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