Who won our Huawei Ascend P7 competition?

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Here’s a post I know a lot of people have been waiting for.

During July, we ran a competition for one of Huawei’s latest Ascend P7 smartphones. And it was very popular. Like hundreds of entries popular. I’m not sure whether it was the prize or the fact that we asked you to do something fun – caption the image above – but we were inundated with entries.

We’ve finally had chance to go through them all and we’ve picked a winner. Before we get onto that, though, here’s a few of the very close runners-up we liked.

Fun wordplay entries ranged from the simple but clever:

Hau-weeeeiii! Up, up and ascend!

Owls of a feather ascend together!

To the very complicated:

Three owlets – Ascend, Pee & Seven in their tree comtemplating the age-old question, Hu a Wei (who are we)?

OWL by myyyyyself… we dont wanna be, OWL by ourselves, without an Ascend …ANYMORRRRRRRRRRRRRRE!

To the wonderfully scatalogical:

Owly to sleep, yet still waking up at the Ascend of the bed.

Some were very topical, and almost won, but a little too specific to the day of entry:

Hoot to say it, but Brazil have absolutely no chance to ascend to the World Cup Final.

And some were brilliantly short and quip-ish.

Ascend fail.

Ascending disorder

But the winner, thanks to the number of puns, intricacy and hitting the word count spot on was Adrian Phipps’:

HEADLINES: Harry Potter finished, owl unemployment to ascend. Hooty and his friends have resorted to job hunting owl day long!

Congratulations Adrian, your phone is winging its way to you.

Adam Oxford

Adam Oxford

Adam is the Editorial Director at htxt media. He has been writing about technology for almost two full decades now. In a previous life, he was the editor of PC Format and Digital Camera Shopper in the UK, before going on to work as a freelance journalist for seven years. His work has appeared in or on Stuff, The Guardian, Linux Format, TechRadar, Wired.co.uk, PC Gamer, Green Futures, The Journalist, The Ecologist and The Review. Adam moved to South Africa in 2012 and loves 3D printers, MakerFairs and tech hubs. He hates seafood. None of his friends remember this when cooking.