12-month Xbox Live Gold prices compared

So the Xbox One is out today, and there aren’t really any significantly different deals on it – the recommended retail price of R6 299 (Kinect-less) and R7 999 (Kinect) is pretty much what you’ll pay wherever you go, with the games that are bundled with each the only real differentiator.

But something that does differ by a bit is the price of an Xbox Live Gold 12-month membership, which you’ll need to really enjoy your shiny new Xbox One to the fullest as that grants you access to all of the members-only multiplayer goodness and storefront discounts offered by the Xbox Live gaming service.

The 14 day trial that ships with all Xbox Ones will only get you so far.

So we did some digging and put together this list showing how much 12 months of XBL Gold costs at various e-tailers. Most of these are valid worldwide.

Surprisingly, beats out all local e-tailers with a ridiculously low price, even at over R18 to the pound. It’s not by a large margin, of course, but it’s a margin nonetheless, plus they deliver via email within minutes.

Most of these are delivered to your email, but and BTGames are selling physical cards that will need to be posted to you or collected from a store.


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