FNB accepting Xbox One pre-orders from today

FNB has just announced via press release that “qualifiying First National Bank customers” can pre-order an Xbox One through the bank’s Smart Devices offer from today.

That means anyone with a Gold cheque account and above can sign up for an Xbox One on the FNB website as of right now.

There are two offers on the table:


While the official press release doesn’t specifically mention two Xbox One wireless controllers, the images the bank supplied (mashed together in this article’s header) indicate that there are indeed two of the suckers in each bundle.

“Expanding our smart device range to include gaming consoles has proved to be popular, contributing to 5% of total devices sold over the last 12 months,” says Kartik Mistry in the release, the head of FNB Smart Devices.

“While our main motivation with the smart device offer is to provide the means for customers to bank digitally, we cannot deny the increasing move towards a connected lifestyle and home.”

Naturally, the offer is only valid while stocks last, so if you’re interested you’d better get moving before they run out. To start the process, qualifying FNB customers can contact FNB’s call centre on 087 736 7270 or simply head over to their website.


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