Parkview residents put out pitch for fibre to the home now too

Inspired by the actions of neighbours in Parkhurst, who put out a tender for a networking company to connect their homes to superfast broadband, the Parkview Residents Association (PRA) has issued its own Request for Proposals (RFP) to attract cable companies to its leafy suburb too.

Compared to the national average, where just ten percent of homes are within range of fixed line DSL connectivity, Parkview is already well connected. According to a statement issued by the residents association this evening, 92% of households in the area already have an ADSL connection, of which nearly a quarter are faster than 10Mbps. But as anyone who’s enjoyed living in countries where 50Mbps is rapidly becoming the norm, that’s still not enough.

In order to entice someone to come and dig up the streets, the PRA has conducted an extensive survey into what denizens of the area alreaedy pay, and what they’re willing to pay for faster access. All of the households without internet access apparently said they needed it.

The breakdown of current access speeds for households looks like this:

While the amount they pay looks like this:

According to the survey, three quarters of Parkview residents are willing to pay between R700 and R900 for 500-100Mbps access, which includes line rental and data costs. One in eight would be willing to pay R900 for 100Mbps and a 100GB cap.

[Image: Google Earth]


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