Telkom to launch 200Mbps mobile broadband in December

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the most fledgling mobile technology in South Africa in terms of mobile broadband. The technology allows mobile users to connect to the internet at a much faster rate than 3G providing download speeds of at least 60 Megabits per seconds, and many have wondered what will come next.

Telkom has just fired the next slavo in the on-going battle of mobile broadband by announcing that it will be launching LTE Advanced in December.

During the annual MyBroadband conference, Telkom’s COO Brian Armstrong said that even though they are on track to launch Fibre To The Home (FTTH) in 23 suburbs in December, the next evolution in the company’s capabilities is LTE Advanced.

“LTE-A is a superior value proposition over current LTE, it is more efficient to operate and it is future proof. So what we are announcing today is that in December we are launching LTE Advanced in 50 suburbs around the country,” he said during his presentation, noting that 50 suburbs will be online in March.

Unlike the FTTH trial that is currently ongoing, Armstrong said that this won’t be going through the same process, as they are actively and commercially rolling it out in December.

“This is not an interest register, it is not a trial or a pilot, this is a commercial launch starting December. It truly amazing and a key part of our strategy going forward.”


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