96% of Money for Jam users already have jobs

It’s been a month since the Money for Jam micro jobbing platform (also known as M4JAM) came onto the scene. It’s aim? To help ordinary South Africans get a bit of extra cash into their pockets by doing simple micro jobs using their smartphones on the WeChat instant messaging platform.

What M4JAM is doing is fairly new, so there were a lot of questions around whether or not this would be a hit with South African mobile phone users.

We had a quick word with M4JAM co-founder Andre Hugo to found out how they’ve done so far.


Registered jobbers (users) demographics

According to Hugo, jobs are being grabbed every 10 seconds on the service.

Around 1 200 users have been signing up on M4JAM on a daily basis since it launched, 68% of M4JAM jobbers are between the ages of 25-34 and 29% of the base are over the age of 34. Male jobbers dominate the service at 53% and female jobbers at 47%.

Vodacom users dominate the number of jobbers at 41%, with MTN and Cell C following closely behind at 32% and 22% respectively. A total of 89% of M4JAM jobbers are online almost all day and although M4JAM is widely thought to be targeted at unemployed jobbers, only 4% currently aren’t employed.

“A handful that believe that the platform is a guaranteed job creation portal. We unfortunately are not the magic bullet to solve unemployment in RSA we are simply a platform that is providing as many micro jobs to as many end consumers as possible to help them make ends meet,” explains Hugo.

“We were not aiming to target unemployed users we are aiming to appeal to a broad range of South Africans from students, to people starting out on the working career, to single parents, to pensioners basically anyone who is looking to make extra income as they go about their day-to-day lives. So far our marketing appears to be working we have a range of people from CEO’s to students jobbing on the platform.”

“Half of our jobbers earning an average salary of between R3 500 to R24 999,” Hugo adds.

Gauteng makes up the bulk of jobbers’ location at 45% and interest is growing significantly in Cape Town and Durban.

Interaction between jobbers and microjobs

Getting started on M4JAM and completing a job is not a complicated process at all. Hugo says the majority of jobbers do understand how to complete jobs – the response to M4JAM has superseded their expectations with jobs being picked up every week and the majority being completed under four hours.

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