Injustice, Secret Ponchos confirmed for PlayStation Plus in December

Sony’s PlayStation Plus programme, a subscription service that gives you access to multiplayer games, is supposed to offer those who pay access to a library of games to download for no extra charge every month. Over the past few months, however, many of those who ante up for the service have been disappointed at the lack of high profile games available in the Plus library. They’ll be relieved to know, then, that this morning Sony has announced that big-name fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition is coming to the service in December.

It will be joined by Secret Ponchos, an Indie twin-stick Wild West-themed shooter. January sees the standalone expansion inFAMOUS: First Light making an apperance, so things appear to be improving from a triple-A perspective for subscribers to the service.

Sony says Injustice is “the first AAA Blu-ray title to join the Instant Game Collection for PS4,” which is welcome new for gamers tired of seeing their Instant Games Collection being dominated by Indie games every month.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me the occasional Indie, but since Sony pushed up the PS Plus subscription fee to a ridiculous R749 a year, the programme’s emphasis on indie titles these past few months has felt like a bit of a swindle.

Sony also announced that the much-anticipated PS Plus version of DRIVECLUB, which will let subscribers play a limited version of the game, has been delayed while the developer sorts out the server issues that have been plaguing it since launch.

Putting two and two together it seems likely that Injustice has been trotted out as a bit of an apology for DRIVECLUB’s absence, although it must be emphasised that Sony has said nothing of the sort. This is just me speculating. But it makes sense, right?


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