Joburg City Power’s load shedding schedule mapped

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According to Eskom, we’re safe from more load shedding until Wednesday. And all credit to the power company, if you are concerned about power outages it has an excellent data explorer that will tell you when your grid connection is likely to be shut off (and what state the grid is in). Just type in where you live and the site will do the rest.

It looks very slick. Like this.

eskom explorer

If you’re a customer of one of the municipal power companies rather than Eskom direct, on the other hand, you’re out of luck. All the companies listed here publish their schedules in PDF format that’s hard to interpret and involves cross referencing one page with another in a vain bid to understand what on Earth is going on.

On the Eskom sites, they look like this.

Not often you wish you /were/ with Eskom, huh?
Not often you wish you were with Eskom, huh?

Confused by the hard to read PDFs? Here’s what Joburg City Power’s loadshedding schedule looks when mapped out in Google Maps. We’re working on making the other municipal schedules as easy to browse.

Want to see when your electricity will go off if loadshedding plans come into action? Just click on your suburb below. The bad news is that this data is updated every couple of weeks, so this map will be out of date by the 14th November and won’t be manually updated.

The obligatory disclaimer: this map is as accurate as we can make it based on details from City Power, but it’s not an official guide and may contain errors or omissions – for example, not every area on the City Power PDF is pinpointed. Treat it as a rough guide rather than gospel truth.

Adam Oxford

Adam Oxford

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