WhatsApp and Viber are Africa’s leading IM and VoIP services

When it comes to instant messaging, VoIP and video streaming services, WhatsApp, Viber and YouTube come out top in the list of most used services in Africa according to the Sandvine Global Internet Phenomena Program.

The Global Internet Phenomena Program works with various mobile networks around the world to collect data about consumer internet usage – 30 networks from 20 African countries were part of the program.

According to the recently released report, WhatsApp accounts for 7% of total internet traffic in the participating African countries, compared to 2% total internet traffic in North America and Europe. Video streaming is slightly less at 6%, with YouTube taking up 12% of that traffic, essentially making it the top video streaming service in the country. Viber has overtaken Skype to be the top video messaging service.

“Throughout Africa, communications service providers are rapidly building out their networks to enhance services and extend coverage into new and previously unconnected locations,” said Tom Donnelly, Sandvine’s COO, sales and global services. “Sandvine’s success in Africa has made it possible to reveal the latest regional Internet usage data which our customers can use to help improve subscribers’ quality of experience and offer innovative new service tiers.”

You can read the full report, with findings from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa on the Sandvine website.

[Source – Sandvine, Image – Shutterstock]


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