Dumela! Google Translate now features Sesotho

Dumela, O kae? That’s Hello, how are you in Sesotho, which you can now translate into English on Google Translate after an update to the search engine’s service.

Google has added 10 more languages to Translate from Africa, India and South-east Asia, bringing the total number of supported languages to 90, the company announced on the Google Translate blog.

Chichewa (Chinyanja), a popular language on Malawi, and Madagascar’s Malagasy are the two other African languages that have been added. Sesotho, the seventh most popular language in South Africa according to Census, joins Zulu and Afrikaans on the list of South African languages on Google Translate.

The seven other newly added languages are:

  • Malayalam, spoken in India
  • Myanmar, the official language of Myanmar
  • Sinhala, one of the official languages of Sri Lanka
  • Sundanese, spoken on the island of Java in Indonesia
  • Kazakh, the native language of Kazakhstan
  • Tajik, the language spoken by the people of Tajikistan
  • Uzbek, spoken in Uzbekistan

Adding a new language for translation always gets off to a shaky start, as we learnt when Zulu was added, so Google is again asking for your help in improving the grammar and accuracy of its translations by suggesting corrections on Translate.

The new languages are currently available on the Google Translate for desktop and will make it’s way to mobile soon.

[Source – Google blog, Image – CC 2.0 by Malealea Lodge Lesotho]


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