Ellen Degeneres’ selfie was the most retweeted tweet this year

Every major social media outlet around this time of the year compiles a list of its biggest, most popular or most shared content, and Twitter is definitely not one to be left behind. While 2014 has seen some pretty amazing things, there was one tweet that stood out from the masses.

TV host Ellen Degeneres almost brought the micro blogging site to a halt when she posted a picture of herself and a number of A-list celebrities at this year’s Academy Awards. The tweet was so popular that it has been shared and retweeted by over 3.3 million people and favourite by over two million Twitter users.

Twitter compiled a list of the hottest talking points that got the tongues wagging during the course of the year, and arranged them in a rather neat website to explore, under the banner of #YearonTwitter.

The site displays the biggest moments and most talked about topics per month, and once you click on a topic it displays some of the most retweeted and popular tweets for the topic.

According to Twitter, here is a sneak peak at you can find:

  • World Cup: The biggest sports story in 2014, especially on Twitter. Fans, players, teams and media sent over 672 million Tweets during the month-long tournament. At its peak, there were 618,725 Tweets sent per minute — the largest peak we measured this year — when Germany (@DFB_Team) took home the championship.
  • #BringBackOurGirls: In response to a mass kidnapping in Nigeria, millions of Tweets were sent mentioning #BringBackOurGirlsThis map visualizes the hashtag’s global spread over a two-week period.
  • #IndyRef: Scottish citizens used Twitter to say “yes” or “no” regarding a referendum on independence from the UK in the days leading up to the vote in September. This interactive map of geotagged “yes” or “no” Tweets shows the global nature of the conversation, which spread well beyond Scotland. Fom the first debate through polling day, there were more than 3.75 million Tweets about the referendum.
  • Hong Kong protests: When citizens of Hong Kong gathered to protest governmental electoral reforms, characterized by the hashtag#occupycentral, people over the world took to Twitter to add their thoughts. There were more than 2.3 million Tweets about what became known as the#UmbrellaRevolutionHere are the most shared photos, and here’s how the event played out on Twitter.
  • #BlackLivesMatter: There were more than 18 million Tweets about the#Ferguson protests in August, as charted in this visualization. In the hours following the grand jury’s decision in November, there were 3.5 million Tweets from across the U.S. Also tied to a similar grand jury decision in New York, this map shows how powerfully the hashtags #ICantBreathe and#BlackLivesMatter shaped the conversation on Twitter.

[Source – Twitter]


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