LastPass’ Auto-Password tool is a security game changer

This year has seen some of the biggest vulnerabilities on the internet exposed and with a billion more attacks this year than in 2013. That said, having a strong password protecting your online accounts is more vital than ever.

LastPass is a password manager that takes care of generating and remembering unique, super-secure passwords for all of the websites and services that you use online and with its new Auto-Password changing tool, you can get it to change your password for 75 different sites with the click of a button.

With sites like Facbook, Twitter, Gmail (Google) and Amazon, the service certainly has some big sites on its list first up with a notable mention to the Sony Entertainment Network website which would have made this a fantastic tool to have when the great PSN hack of 2011 took place.

Using the Auto-Password changer is dead simple.

You’ll need to have any of the LastPass plugins for a desktop browser installed or log into the web service in your browser on a computer as it doesn’t work yet on any of the LastPass mobile apps.

Click on the “Change Password Automatically ” button under the ‘Password’ field and LastPass will open a window to the site, generate a password and update it in your Vault all without you having to do a thing.

The good news for Android users is that LastPass’ auto-fill feature will make it easy to enter new passwords into apps that have been changed, as will the new Extensibility settings for iOS 8 users with their TouchID fingerprints sensors that make logging into LastPass that much simpler.

If you’re using two-factor authentication for a site then the new feature won’t work and you’ll still need to change those passwords manually.

[Source – LastPass, Via – The Next Web]


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