Ubisoft unleashes social racer The Crew

Making trailers is a science in and of itself, and they’re designed to not-so-subtly encourage people to buy into whatever is being sold, but even so the trailer Ubisoft has put out for The Crew has me itching to climb behind the virtual wheel of a virtual supercar and race across virtual America with my virtual friends.

The social racer is out today on PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PC and Xbox One, and will pit “crews” of gamers against one another in an open world where anything goes. There is no PlayStation 3 version, in case you’re wondering.

Due to the social nature of the game, The Crew requires an internet connection – something that has crippled other games with social features at launch, caused by millions of enthusiastic gamers trying to play the game at the same time and overwhelming servers. SimCity, Warlords of Draenor and Halo: The Master Chief collection being some of the most noteworthy failures.

People who’ve worked on the game believe they are prepared for The Crew’s launch. Lead game designer on The Crew, Serkan Hasan, told PlayStationLifestyle last week that he has “confidence in the stability of the game and its performance”, basing that confidence on the multiple beta tests for the game that were “designed specifically to push our infrastructure as far as possible in real world situations, with thousands of players from all over the world playing the game at the same time.”

Gamers were burned at launch earlier this month by Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s buggy state, and may be wary of dashing out to buy The Crew on Day One (today) as a result. Reviews won’t be up right away, either, as Ubisoft didn’t send out review copies before the official launch since reviewers wouldn’t be playing in a populated virtual world representative of what the game was meant to be about.

On the one hand that’s a perfectly reasonable approach and on the other it’s a little worrisome, as it reminds me of movies that don’t get pre-screened for critics before official release because someone, somewhere, thinks that word could get out about it and scupper its chances of doing well. Only time will tell, I guess.

Anyway, if you’re interested in the game, keep checking the internet this week as reviews should start surfacing soon.

[Source – PlayStationLifestyle]


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