You may soon be able to make GIFs from within YouTube videos

Who doesn’t like a good, witty GIF now and then? YouTube videos are one the most popular sources for GIFs, and now the online video company is apparently testing an easier way for you to make them, without having to use external GIF makers.

YouTube’s built-in GIF maker currently only appears on popular US-based channels Good Mythical Morning and The Idea Channel, but you’re free to have a go at it yourself by selecting the share option at the bottom any of the channels’ videos where you’ll now find GIF next to the email option.

Screenshot (336)

You can then select any part of the video you want to export as a six-second GIF from the slider or timestamp and add a caption at the top and bottom if you want.

The GIF maker will automatically load and show you a preview of what your GIF will look like and if you’re satisfied, you can just hit “Create GIF”. When you’re done, you can share the link to your GIF or embed it into any website using the provided embed code.

[Source – Gizmodo, Image – YouTube]



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