Next iPhone chip could be made by Samsung

It’s fairly known in the technology world that Apple and Samsung don’t always see eye to eye, occasionally taking a trip to court over patents or tech inside their individual units.

But it seems like all is fair in love and war, even if it means using the competition’s chips in your device – and that is exactly what the two companies will be doing.

According to Korean’s Maeil Business Newspaper, Apple and Samsung have reportedly signed a deal that would see Samsung supply Apple with processor chips for its next iPhone models. It’s not the first time that the companies have come to this agreement, as Samsung powered Apple’s iPhone 5s with the A7 SoC.

The South Korean newspaper said that Samsung would be responsible for around 75% of the chips – but it’s not because the two companies have suddenly kissed and made up.

The major reason why they opted to work together on the next iPhone, is because Samsung is one of the few companies that have the capacity to make chip in the large quantities that Apple require.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t make use of any Samsung technology, as Apple signed an exclusive deal with TSMC for last year’s phones.

While neither company has officially commented on the matter, common sense should state that Apple will still design their own chips, while Samsung will be responsible for the fabrication thereof – or at least the wafers.

[Source – Reuters]


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