Re-live the glory days of Star Wars games with these new GOG releases

Have I mentioned yet how much I love, and its huge library of DRM-free good old games?

I now have even more reason to: thanks to a recently-finalised licensing agreement with Disney, GOG has been releasing a bunch of old LucasFilm games in stages over the last few weeks.

They’ve added such classics as Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, the well-received Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D and one of my personal favourites from the era, Sam & Max Hit the Road, easily one of the funniest games ever made.

As of a few hours ago, GOG has added three more Star Wars games to the already-awesome lineup:

All three games can be had for a 20% discount on the quoted prices for 72 hours from launch, so if you want any of them, nab them now.

Dark Forces II was one of the first FPS games I actually finished back in the day, no mean feat as its level design verged on “deliberately obtuse” according to my recollections, all twists and turns and secrets hidden away in areas that at first glance don’t appear accessible by any normal means.

But I had a good time nonetheless, partly because it was one of the first games to let me use a lightsabre and partly because I have good memories of my mates and I flinging Force powers at one another in the LANs I used to have in my garage. Ah, happy days.

Republic Commando managed to get tactical squad-based play just right, which in 2005 was nothing short of a miracle. It had a fairly short campaign and linear levels, but the squad AI and the ease with which you could command them were highly satisfying, and the graphics for the time were excellent. Even now, it’s worth a playthrough.

I never got around to playing Starfighter, but it looks pretty rad if you like space shooters.

Thanks, GOG!


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