You can now use WhatsApp on your PC

As of today, you can access your WhatsApp account and chat with all your contacts straight from your PC’s Chrome browser, the company announced.

WhatsApp for desktop is available for all mobile operating systems except iOS (“due to Apple platform limitations”, the company says).

Before getting started, make sure your WhatsApp is updated to the latest version and that your phone is hooked to WiFi or mobile data.

To get WhatsApp Web working on your PC, head over to the app on your phone and look for “WhatsApp Web” in the menu. You’ll be prompted to scan the code, which will then automatically activate the service on your phone.

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Keep in mind that your phone will always have to be connected to the internet for the web version to work, even if your computer is online.

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Unlike the mobile app, you can log in or out of your account on WhatsApp Web so that no one can access it without your knowledge, you will, however, have to scan the QR code to login again. You’ll also get notifications simultaneously on your phone and computer as they come in.

This isn’t the first time an instant messaging service has introduced a web version – Mxit, iChat and iMessage have all had the same feature running for quite some time now. That said, we’re excited that the world’s biggest IM client has also followed suit.

Visit WhatsApp Web to start chatting on your PC now.

[Source – WhatsApp blog, Image – Shutterstock]



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