Get Agent 47, Adam Jensen and more in the latest Humble Bundle

The latest Humble Bundle features a pretty good line-up of games from Square Enix, and they can all be yours for a minimum donation of $15 (R175).

If you don’t want everything, for just $1 (R11.72) you can snag Hitman: Absolution, the Android game Hitman Go and Supreme Commander 2. Chuck in more than the current average of $6.76 and you can add the new Thief, Murdered: Soul Suspect and the Director’s Cut of the brilliant Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

And for the full amount of $15, you can also have 2013’s amazing Tomb Raider and 2012’s Sleeping Dogs, one of the very best non-GTA open-world crime games.

As with most Humble Bundles, more games will be added to the roster soon as long as you donate at or above the average level, and that will most likely happen next week Tuesday.

That’s a hell of a lot of top-notch gaming for no real money down; Tomb Raider on its own is worth $15 thanks to gorgeous graphics, a pretty decent story and around 20 hours of playtime (if you rush through it), and Deus Ex, Hitman and Sleeping Dogs will keep you busy for over a hundred hours in total and are all very good in their own right.

The only real dud here is Thief – I wasn’t terribly impressed with it back when I reviewed it last year because of its poor direction, un-Thief-like mechanics and stupid ending, but it’s not bad enough that’s not worth at least a few rands.

You’ve got two weeks to make up your mind about getting this particular bundle before it’s replaced by something else, so no hurry. If you haven’t played any of these yet, pulling the trigger is a no-brainer.

[Source – Humble Bundle]


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