Mango Airlines wants your IT skills

South Africa’s low-cost airline Mango is trying to get more people to join its fleet. But it’s not looking for air hostesses – the airline wants people with IT skills.

But what business does an airline have with IT service? Well, it certainly didn’t recruit an outside company to build the Mango Airline Reservation System (MARS) from scratch. Under its own belt, it also developed Africa’s first mobile booking and consumer flight management applications.

“Mango’s in-sourcing of IT capability has allowed the business to pursue and implement solutions and innovations in record time. Programming talent in South Africa rivals that of some of the best knowledge based economies in the world; there is no reason to outsource beyond our borders when highly qualified talent is available locally,” said spokesperson Hein Kaiser.

Mango is looking to go on a massive recruitment drive in search of IT professionals that experience in with Windows, .Net, C++ and Linux development. They’re also willing to train the right people through an internal mentorship programme.

“This is the rationale behind our recruitment and skills development drive. To develop internal ability and agility while simultaneously contributing to growing the sector locally and driving a reliance on domestic talent rather than outsourcing outside South Africa,” Kaiser explained.

If you fancy a career in aviation IT, keep an eye out on Mango’s Facebook page for more detail.

[Source – Mango]


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