Voice-commanded RTS There Came an Echo is out today on Steam

Should you be fond of yelling orders at people, today is your lucky day: the voice-controlled real-time strategy game, There Came an Echo, is out tonight on Steam at 8pm SA time; for now it still says “Available 24 February”.

A launch trailer has surfaced showing the game in action, and it’s even more impressive and polished-looking than the one released last year, which I posted about here.

The developers say the game is strongly focused on plot and character development, and will deliver a fascinating sci-fi story with its main characters voiced by actors Wil Wheaton and Ashly Burch as well as tactical real-time strategy featuring futuristic energy weapons.

As good as that sounds, it’s the voice-commanded action I’m most interested in. Iridium Studios says TCAE will ship with support for more than just commands issued in American accents (thankfully!), alongside a full editor able to assign commands to whatever sounds you’d like to make. I can’t wait for the inevitable YouTube videos showing people commanding their troops with swear words, Dr Seuss quotes or slang instead of “Team move to alpha three on my mark” and the like.

Console fans are in for some disappointment, though, as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game aren’t out tonight, and there’s no release date on the Iridium website that I could see.

You can pre-order TCAE on the Iridium Studios website for $14.99 (around R175), or get it on Steam when it becomes available for a 10% discount and Iridium’s first game, Sequence (a rhythm-game-meets-RPG hybrid), as a bonus.

[Source – Steam]


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