Zomato to launch a food delivery service, starting in India

You’ve used your smartphone to order a ride, but have you used it to order food? In the coming years, that’s exactly what you could be doing: restaurant-discovery app Zomato will soon launch a food-delivery service in India according to TechCrunch.

Come March 16, and people in India can order food right from within the Zomato app on their smartphones and tablets, from any of the 2 000-odd restaurants Zomato has partnered with; that list of partners is expected to reach 10 000 in only a few months according to the CEO, Deepinder Goyal.

Goyal said that there are no immediate plans to expand the food delivery service into the other 21 countries the company operates in, but that people could expect “an aggressive rollout in countries where we are strong”. TechCrunch speculates this could mean future rollouts in Indonesia, Dubai and Australia.

TechCrunch goes so far as to call the service “Uber for food”, which sounds pretty good to us here at we’re big fans of app-ordered rides on those odd occasions we actually go out and socialise, and ordering food the same way seems like a rad idea.

This isn’t as much of a surprise as you might think – we’ve been ordering pizza from Debonairs online for a while already (but through a browser and internet-connected PC rather than a smartphone app), and it’s only natural that ordering food online would some day be done with an app that connects to more than just a single restaurant chain at a time. That day is just a bit closer, at least if you live in India.

[Source – TechCrunch]



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