Learn how to be a game developer tomorrow at JoziHub

Tomorrow afternoon we’re helping to host the second JoziConnect session down at JoziHub, which is a networking event for developers, entrepreurs and other clever people in and around Johannesburg. The first JoziConnect session was a huge success, and tomorrow’s is going to be just as good, we promise.

That’s because, after being let down at the last minute by our speaker for the afternoon, we’ve managed to convince Ben Myers of MakeGamesSA (and sometimes of this parish) to chat about why South African games developers are on a roll, why you might want to become a games developer and what all startups and app developers can learn from games to make their products better.

The format of JoziConnect is simple. You come, for free, and listen to Ben talk. Then you get to ask questions. Then startups from the JoziHub community get to pitch their latest work. Then we eat, drink and are merry.

There’s plenty of time to grab yourself a ticket – the venue is JoziHub in 44 Stanley (just off of Owl Street) and we kick off at 4pm.


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