WhatsApp calling now available to all Android users

In every company’s quest to bring us closer to the people we know and love, some companies are just a little bit better than others.

WhatsApp, the hugely successful messenger platform, announced this afternoon that all Android users will now be able to make phone calls through its app, which was previously limited to sending text messages and voice recordings.

But don’t fret if you don’t see the option just yet: you can either wait for your phone to automatically update the app, or you can manually go the Google Play store and update WhatsApp to version 2.12.5.

Once the app is updated, you will see a different interface with three tabs at the top: Calls, Chat and Contacts.

Like so.

Tapping on someone in your contact list should give you the option to call them, as well as send them a message.

The calling functionality rolls out for all Android users after the company launched it on an invitation-only basis a couple of weeks ago.

Don’t feel too bad if you are using Apple’s iOS, as WhatsApp previously said that the app’s voice-calling service will be rolled out to iDevices in the coming weeks.

[Source – Engadget]


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