Deus Ex trailer provides a glimpse into Mankind Divided’s story, looks epic

Yesterday Game Informer told the world about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided when news of the magazine’s May cover broke.

Last night, Square Enix followed that up with an official announcement that was accompanied by this seriously good-looking trailer that delves quite a lot deeper into the game’s setting, story and protagonist, an older-looking Adam Jensen.

First impressions are good: the game’s story looks to be pretty complex, exploring the social issues centred around people with and without bionic augmentations and the prejudice, resentment and division that fosters.

I don’t think it’s too far-fetched that at some point in the game Jensen will be faced with a choice as to whose cause to join – the augmented “terrorists” or those looking to put them down, but that’s still a big unknown at this point.

Story aside, from the trailer it’s clear that Jensen will be voiced by the same actor from 2011’s Human Revolution, Elias Toufexis, his augmentations are going to be bigger, better and badder than ever before and combat is going to be pretty damn spectacular.

That nano-shield (or whatever it’s actually going to be called) shown right at the end looked pretty amazing considering how fast it deploys.

Of course, Deus Ex games are all about choosing whether to approach levels with stealth or guns, and Jensen’s disappearing legs at the 1:00 mark provide some reassurance that this game will continue that tradition. As a stealth player, this pleases me.

Square isn’t talking release dates, of course, but going on this trailer alone, I’m pretty psyched for the game whenever it comes out.

[Source – Official Deus Ex YouTube channel]


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