American developer creates dedicated Marvel comics search engine

Ever had one of those moments where you think to yourself “why didn’t I come up with that?” Well, any comic book fan might then just kick themselves for not coming up with a really awesome Marvel comics search engine.

But luckily for developer Filix Mogilevsky, he was the first one to come up with iMarvel, which let’s you browse through seventy years of comic book awesomeness.

The search engine lets you narrow your search down to characters or comics and you can really get carried away. Where else on the web would you find the 1964 editions of Amazing Spider-Man through a few clicks?

Mogilevsky made use of Marvel’s opened-up API to create the comic book haven. The visual search results include external links to for more information on the characters in particular.

iMarvel is not an official search engine and is ofcourse not as wide ranging as a Google on search queries because it serves a niche market but it’s surely a good start and should remain limited.

A screenshot of iMarvel's Thor page.
A screenshot of iMarvel’s Thor page.

[Source –  TNW News, Image by CC 2.0/Ryan Hyde]


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