Google celebrates female astronaut pioneer with interactive Doodle

Google is continuing its trend of moving away from still Doodle illustrations in favour of interactive, story-telling ones . This time it’s celebrating what would have been the 64th birthday of US female astronaut, Sally Ride.

Ride is famous for being the first American woman to go to space in 1983 at just 32 years of age.

The Google Doodle highlights some of Ride’s achievements including her trips to space and motivational talks.

“In 1977, Sally was finishing her Ph.D in physics at Stanford University when she saw an article in the student newspaper saying that NASA was looking for astronauts—and for the first time was allowing women to apply,” Ride’s life partner Tam O’Shaughnessy, said in Google Blog post.

“Sally didn’t hesitate to send in her application, and became one of six women selected as part of the new crop of astronaut candidates.”

After leaving NASA in 1987, Ride went on to do many other things in the science filed including setting up a company called Sally Ride Science, a company that runs programs aimed at making science appealing and interesting to kids, particularly girls.

Ride died from pancreatic cancer in 2012 at the age of 61.

[Source and image – Google]


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