iPhone 6 helps Apple reclaim the “Most Valuable Global Brand” title from Google

Thanks to popularity among consumers and the money the iPhone 6 has helped Apple make the past few months, the US tech giant has reclaimed the number one spot in the 2015 BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands report.

The annual report, released today by global market researchers Millward Brown under British public relations firm WPP, and currently in its tenth year, ranks the top 100 brands by measuring the equity of thousands of brands based on interviews with over three million consumers worldwide, as well as those companies’ financial and business performance.

Millward Brown uses that information to arrive at a dollar value that is then used to rank each company.

According to the report Apple overtook Google, which was ranked as last year’s most valuable brand. Apple increased its brand value by 67% year-on-year to $247 billion, while Google only increased its value by 9% year-on-year to $173.7 billion.

In at number three is Microsoft, having increased its value by 28% to $115.5 billion. Apple’s closest rival, Samsung, is ranked 45th with a value of $21.6 billion.

Millward Brown attributed Apple’s growth to the success of the iPhone 6.

“Apple continues to ‘own’ its category by innovating and leading the curve in a way that generates real benefits for consumers,” said global head of BrandZ™, Doreen Wang.

“It meets their rational and emotional needs, and makes life easier in a fun and relevant way. Apple is clear on what it stands for, and never stops refreshing its message to sustain the difference that makes it so desirable.”

Altogether, the top 100 brands make up a value of $3.3 trillion. Tech-related companies dominate the top ten with six companies from the sector represented. All 33 tech companies featured are worth a combined value of almost $1 trillion.

Although ranked twelfth, Facebook is this year’s biggest riser, showing 99% growth after having bought the massively-popular messaging service, WhatsApp last year.

Apple and Intel are the second and third biggest risers respectively. Ranked 58th, Intel grew its value 58% to $18.3 billion.

“Brand value has risen substantially despite a disruptive decade. This is a pivotal moment for brand builders. We’re at the threshold of a new normal, and a changing consumer. The past 10 years of valuing brands proves that investing in creating strong, valuable brands delivers superior returns to shareholders,” said David Roth from WPP.

Download the full 2015 BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands report from the BrandZ 100 website.

[Source – Millward Brown]


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