Join us at JoziHub to discuss the first South African startup survey report

Back in January, Seed Academy, a school for entrepreneurship began surveying South African startups in order to work out once and for all what the big questions faced by young startup companies are, and begin piecing together a map of the startup scene.

Almost 1 000 entrepreneurs – most of which have been in business five years or less – responded to the survey, and a full report which has been published today.

As part of the publication, and JoziHub will be hosting Seed Academy at the next JoziConnect Session, which is due to take place on Wednesday 20th May from 3.30 to 5.30pm at JoziHub in 44 Stanley Avenue, Johannesburg. We’ll be chatting to Seed Academy’s Donna Rachelson about the report in a fireside chat format and its findings, and taking questions from the audience too.

Tickets are free, just sign up at the Eventbrite page here, and there’ll be snacks, drinks and networking opportunities with other startups and entrepreneurs after the talk.


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