Dishonored 2 lets you choose between two characters

After much speculation, hope and rumour, game development and publishing studio Bethesda officially revealed Dishonored 2 last night – the sequel to the stealth action-adventure title from three years ago. It’s revealed a few details about the plot already, including the fact that you can play two different characters, should you choose.

As the story begins, you will be given the choice to play one of two people – returning protagonist Corvo Attano or newcomer Emily Kaldwin. The twist is that Kaldwin is actually Corvo’s daughter. She was briefly seen as a secondary character in the first game.

What benefits come with a different character? Well, depending on which one you choose will also determine which powers and abilities you get throughout the game.

According to Gamespot, one of the abilities that Emily has is Shadow Walking, a talent that was removed from the original Dishonored. It allows her to turn into a shadow and move along walls.

In terms of setting, the game moves a bit further south of Dunwall from the first game, as all the action will this time around take place in Karnaca, a city located on the continent of Serkonos – which is also the birthplace of Corvo.

The game will be released on current-gen Xbox and Playstation systems as well as PC, and a tentative release date has been made in the US’ spring next year, which should be around April or May in the southern hemisphere.

Have a look at Dishonored 2’s E3 trailer below:


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