#DistractinglySexy is women scientists’ brilliant answer to Nobel laureate’s sexist comments

English scientist and Nobel laureate Tim Hunt  put his foot in his mouth this week when he because deemed women scientists as problematic to work with because of their emotions. In no time, female scientists took to Twitter to answer with the hashtag #DistractinglySexy.

Reports surfaced earlier this week after the 72-year-old university professor, who received a Nobel Prize in Science back in 2001, told attendees at a conference that, “three things happen when they [women] are in the lab, you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry.”

Hunt has since resigned from his position at the University College London and apologised after receiving backlash about his statements.

The saga prompted Vagenda magazine, an online UK magazine for feminists, to launch the tongue-in-cheek #DistractinglySexy trend on Twitter, calling on women scientists to post photos of themselves at work in the work gear using the hashtag.

Soon the posts started pouring in.

And that is how you win the internet for the week.

[Source – BBC, image – Twitter]


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