Win! A 3G Google Nexus 7 Android tablet

For the Android purist, nothing beats Google’s own Nexus tablets and phones for the unadulterated Android experience. There’s no frills, no fancy add-ons or skins, just Android as the developers intended.

And if you fancy getting your hands on one of the search engine’s 7-inch tablets, we’ve got the competition for you. We’ve teamed up with phone and tablet repair specialist, SMARTlab – and you can see their work here – to give away a 32GB WiFi and 3G enabled version of the second generation Google Nexus 7. It has a quad core processor, 5MP rear facing camera, 2GB RAM and is capable of running the latest version of Android, Lollipop.

Want to enter? All you have to do is SMS “Smartlab” to 45813, or fill in the form below and answer the ridiculously easy question contained therein.

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